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More about us

If you want to know more about us, this page is for you to find out how we are organised, financed, our history and the types of activities involved in running HATS.


HATS is an amateur theatrical Society in Holsworthy North Devon. We serve the local community by putting on productions and by providing a 250 seat HATS Theatre in Bodmin Street Holsworthy for use by various organisations in the local community.
We are a charity, with a membership of about 100 and many local sponsors. The society is run by an Executive Committee under a constitution approved by the Charity Commission. Note the name used by the Charity Commission for those with overall control of a charity is 'Trustee', although it accepts other names are acceptable.


Money!!!We largely rely on the income from our shows and from hiring the theatre to cover the costs of running the theatre for the year. However, like most organisations, there is always a need for more money! Thus we also organise several fundraising activities throughout the year.

We are also most grateful to the many organisations and individuals in Holsworthy and the surrounding areas that support us with money, the loan of items or donation of services. Finally, many have kindly chosen to make a contribution by sponsoring a seat

Our History

HATS Theatre before conversion from a cinemaHolsworthy Amateur Theatrical Society (HATS) was created in 1971, from a merger between the Holsworthy Dramatic Society (formed after World War 1) and the Holsworthy Theatre Club (formed in 1957). The combined group, with the help of loans, donations and voluntary help from the people of Holsworthy acquired the derelict cinema in Bodmin Street and set about converting it into a theatre.

For more information see History.

What happens in a production?

Theatrical Roles

If you are thinking about joining HATS, you may be curious to know what is involved in mounting a production and running a Theatre. This section will take you through the many roles involved in putting on a show.


Booking the Theatre

HATS Theatre auditorium

HATS Theatre provides a 250-seated auditorium, with box office, foyer. Backstage there are four changing rooms (accomodating 50 persons), a green room, and scenery dock. The stage has front and secondary Tabs and wing tabs. Stage size: 10m frontage, 8m deep with a full width orchestra pit. Full stage lighting available with a sound system.



If wish to hire the HATS Theatre, please contact us with details of your Organisation, the Event, Dates and any special requirements.

Sponsoring a Seat

HATS Seats

If you wish to become a sponsor, please contact us.  For a one-off sum of £100, we will place your name on the seat(s) and add your name to a list of Sponsors displayed on this Site.


Also, as a Sponsor, you will have the opportunity for Priority Booking of seats to watch Pantomimes, before the Box Office is open to the general public.

Look at a list of our sponsors

Using our costumes

HATS costumes

We have a range of theatrical costumes that are available to hire to other amateur dramatic organisations.  Please let us know your needs.