Summary of Past Productions

2018  Lest We Forget, Blackadder Goes Forth, Aladdin

2017  The Hollow, Boeing Boeing, Goldilocks and the Three Bears

2016  Funny Money, Black Comedy / The Real Inspector Hound, Dick Whittington and his Cat

2015  Noises Off, Blithe Spirit, Babes in the Wood

2014  Run for Your Wife, Cheshire Cats, Ali Baba & the Forty Thieves

2013  The Right Honorable Gentleman, The Farndale Avenue Production of Macbeth, Jack And The Beanstalk

2012  HATS Off To The 50s, Allo Allo, Snow White

2011  Deadly Nightcap, Cinderella

2010  Waters of the Moon, Out of Order, Queen of Hearts

2009  Every Other Evening, Peter Pan

2008  Steel Magnolias, Shut Your Eyes & Think of England, Sleeping Beauty

2007  We had a Dream (50th Anniversary), Aladdin

2006  Not Now Darling, Little Red Riding Hood

2005  HATS Pay Tribute, The Gingerbread Lady, Mother Goose

2004  It Runs In The Family, Dick Whittington

2003  Pack of Lies, Arabian Knights

2002  Dont Dress For Dinner, Robinson Crusoe

2001  There Goes the Bride, Key For Two, Jack And The Beanstalk

2000  My Fair Lady, Puss In Boots

1999  Fiddler On The Roof, Cinderella

1998  A Tomb with a View, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

1997  Annie, Evening With Richard Digance, Babes In The Wood, Evening With Richard Digance

1996  Wanted One Body, Flying Feathers, Sing A Song Of Sixpence

1995  Aladdin

1994  Post Horn Gallop, Sleeping Beauty

1993  Oliver, Rumpelstilzkin

1992  Lets Do It Again, Dick Whittington

1991  Pull The Other One, Contrary Mary

1990  Jack And The Beanstalk

1989  Puss In Boots

1988  Wind in the Willows, Toad of Toad Hall

1987  The Queen of Hearts

1986  Cinderella, Continental Quilt

1985  Mother Goose

1984  Rookery Nook, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

1983  Babes In The Wood

1982  Aladdin

1981  Sleeping Beauty

1980  Here We Come Gathering

1979  Pinocchio

1978  Dick Whittington

1977  Dry Rot, Dry Rot, Red Riding Hood

1976  Snow White & Seven Dwarfs, Snow White & Seven Dwarfs

1975  Harking Back, Holsworthy Twinning Cabaret, Cinderella, Harking Back

1974  The Love Match, Lets Be Happy, Jack And The Beanstalk

1973  Loves A Luxury, An Evening Entertainment, Wizard of Oz

1972  H.M.S. Pinafore, Haul For The Shore, The Man In The Bowler Hat, The Spartan Girl, Hansel & Gretel

1971  Ladies in Retirement, Man Alive, Mother Goose

1970  Relatively Speaking, Puss In Boots

1969  The Importance of Being Ernest, Dry Rot, Free As Air, Aladdin

1968  Maria Marten, Murder in the Red Barn, Mas Bit 0 Brass, Wanted One Body, Dick Whittington

1967  Reluctant Heroes, One Wild Oat

1966  Is Your Honeymoon Really Necessary

1965  Cuckoo In The Nest

1964  Daddy Long Legs

1963  Yellow Sands, The Paragon Spring

1962  The Holly and the Ivy, Rookery Nook, The Love Match

1961  Mr. Cinders, Mrs Willie

1960  Bobs Your Uncle, Relative Value, Blue For A Boy

1959  Me and My Girl, Fools Paradise, Bobs Your Uncle

1958  Fly Away Peter, The Farmers Wife, Mr Bolfrey, Sunny

1957  The Crescent Moon, The Middle Watch

1954  The Hollow

1953  Charleys Aunt

1952  On Ludgate Hill, Pavanne for Mary, Wanted - Mr Stuart, White Queen, Red Queen

1951  The Happiest Days of Your Life, The Shop at Sly Corner

1950  The Chiltern Hundreds

1948  Death Takes a Holiday

1947  The Sport of Kings

1945  Ambrose Applejohns Adventure

1944  Yellow Sands

1943  Dear Brutus

1942  The Kiss, Shall we Join the Ladies?

1941  Ill Leave it to You

1938  The Age of Youth

1936  The Late Christopher Bean

1935  The Immortal Lady, Mr Faintheart

1934  The Middle Watch

1933  The Fourth Wall, Passing Brompton Road

1931  The Bracelet

1930  The Case of Lady Camber

1929  The Man from Toronto, Tilly of Bloomsbury

1928  She Stoops to Conquer

1927  The Bishops Candlestick, The Dear Departed, The Twelve Pound Look

1926  The Maker of Dreams, Wurzel Flummery