Joining In

What is HATS?

An amateur theatrical Society in Holsworthy North Devon. Like most amateur societies we put on productions an annual Pantomime plus one or two other comedies or serious productions per year.

Unlike most other groups, we are fortunate enough to own and run our own Theatre the 250 seat HATS Theatre in Bodmin Street Holsworthy. This is used for our productions and events and by various organisations in the local community.

How can you get involved?

A typical rehearsalIt is up to you. Maybe as a member of the chorus or taking a speaking role, as a Director, or working backstage on set construction, design, painting.

Others work in lighting/sound, or in preparing the large number of costumes required for a major production. 

If you have musical skills, you may direct, play instruments, dance and/or choreograph dances.

Members of the Society also help by running the Theatre Business (booking events), manning the Box Office, acting as Stewards in the auditorium, running the Sweets Kiosk, publicity and in many other ways. For more information look at theatrical roles

What Next?

Just contact us with your details and we will suggest a time to come along.

Whilst we are preparing for a Production (October-January and usually April-May) we meet one-three times a week and we will invite you to the next meeting. Outside of Productions, we meet less regularly, but we do hold monthly play readings and other events.

Once you are convinced HATS is for you, you can join the Society (Students/U18: £5.00, Adults: £10.00, Couples:£20.00 p.a., plus an initial joining fee of 50% the annual fee).

Note membership fees must be paid before 31st December each year, or membership will cease. It is not permitted to take part in any production if membership is not paid.

Age limits - You can participate in group activities (with parental permission) from 12 yrs onwards, normally by helping backstage (on props for example). You can also take part in rehearsals for a Show, but only if you will have passed your 13th birthday by the time of the first performance.

What Else?

If you wish to make a contribution in other ways, we would be delighted to have you book a seat to see our current production or sponsor one of the seats in the Theatre.