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Welcome to the Members' Section - mainly for HATS Members, but all are welcome to look. Several members' events are open to non-members, but email if in doubt. We have again revised this page. Recent items are on this page, whereas previous members' items may be found at the members' archive page. Upcoming Events will also be highlighted on the Home Page Members' Events section.





NODA Presidential Gala and AGM 2017 City Centre Marriott Hotel, Castle Street, Bristol BS1 3AD Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th September 2017.

If anyone is interested, click the link below for further information and application form.

Tickets from £25 (one person, one day) up to £250 (one person, both days, including 2 days B&B, buffet lunch and Presidential Dinner/Dance)

Link to application form

Dinner / Dance 2018

Stage Rebuild Programme

As you will know, we are closing the Theatre from Sat 24th March to Sat 30th June 2018 to allow the Stage to be re-build, lights serviced and cleaned, some painting and other stuff. The Stage Area will not be in use until 1st July.   We had also planned to re-paint the Auditorium, but this turned out to be too costly, so we will be having an industrial clean instead.

Although the main actors in this plot are Malc and Tony and the actual stage-build will be done by a professional team, lots of help is required by Members in a variety of roles, as shown below (highlighted in bold).  Please contact Malc, Tony or Annette ( 01409 254757 or 07799 208057) if you can help. You can contact Malc and Tony using the Contact Form ('backstage' or 'tech'). Activities over this period are:


Date Activity
28th Feb...

Malcolm and Tony, with their helpers, will start clearing their areas with view to take items to the unit or put unwanted stuff ready to dump in the skip. Unit also to be tidied before items moved out there

every weekend in Mar Week-end work with Malc (help from members maybe needed), Tony (and Malc) may also require help on Tuesdays
6th Mar Skip hired
26th Mar

Timber for stage to be delivered and stored in the auditorium to allow it to acclimatise

9th, 15th, 23rd Mar Three outside organisation Shows booked in Theatre
24th Mar Theatre closes
Tu 27th Mar / 3rd Apr

Take down stage lights – Tony needs help, any volunteers?

w/e 14th-15th / 21st-22nd Apr

Old stage to be taken up. Wood cut and put into dumpy bags for anyone to take away. A team of helper will be needed for this work. If you are able to give a hand please let Annette know ( 01409 254757 or 07799 208057). It doesn't have to be all week-end – a day, half day or whatever you can spare, just let me know and I'll make up a rota. Members also required to supply workers with refreshments over these week-ends too – any volunteers??

Mo 30th Apr - Fri 11th May

stage to be laid.

Weekends from Sat 11th May to end June

Week-ends through May and June - all lights to be cleaned and put back. Sort out stage area etc. Help may be required.

'Club Evenings' it is hoped that during some of the club evenings (Monday, every fortnight), members can help clean lights, give the theatre a birthday, paint the stage walls black etc.


Celia Sanders

Monday 23rd April 2018 was a difficult day for those still coming to terms with Celia's abrupt passing, but it was heartening to see the number of HATS members who - alongside family, friends, Chapel and other organisations  - attended Celia's funeral and Thanksgiving Service.

GDPR & Next-Of-Kin Forms

With your Autumn Newsletter, you were sent a Next-Of-Kin form and, if you haven't sent it back already, a GDPR form.

It is important that we get these back - especially the GDPR form!

If you haven't yet given either of these back, please do.

The GDPR form is available below, but if you need a Next of Kin form, you will need to speak to Sue Painter or Kay Napier - they are currently rehearsing "Lest We Forget" every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evening, so pop along between 7:15pm and 7:30pm (so you can catch them without holding up the rehearsal)

 Here are the GDPR forms for those who still need to submit themeither as a PDF, to print and send or, if you prefer, as a zipped Word doc,for you to email. Either way please complete it and send it
back as soon as possible