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Join the Chorus! (Published: 11 Oct 2015)

Dick Whittington and His Cat

The principals for the 2016 pantomime have now been cast (see the Show page).

There is still the opportunity to join us as part of the chorus (with a few one-line parts also up for grabs) - so if you've been thinking about treading the boards for a while / love singing & dancing / miss your fellow HATS members / are looking to ease your way into amateur theatre / just want a fun way spend those dark winter evenings - pop along to the theatre at 7:30pm on a Monday or Wednesday... 

We look forward to seeing you!

HATS' Spring Play 2015 (Published: 11 Aug 2015)

Blithe Spirit
NODA report

Ian Goodenough of NODA came to watch HATS perform Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit, one of his personal all time favourites:

"As always, the society did not disappoint and I found myself swept back to the first time I saw the play as a child... Congratulations on another winner!" 

Read the full report here. Well done to Eve, the cast and crew, on yet another glowing review for our collection.

Panto 2015 (Published: 8 Mar 2015)

Babes in the Wood
NODA report

Ian Goodenough of NODA came to review Babes in the Wood on closing night, 7th February 2015, and was extremely impressed indeed: "The annual pantomime by HATS is always a crowd-pleaser but with this year’s “Babes in the Wood”, the society really seemed to have upped their game...I can't wait for 2016!" Read his glowing Performance Report here. Well done to all involved.

Autumn Play 2014 (Published: 22 Sep 2014)

Run for Your Wife
Rave reviews

HATS' Autumn play, Run for Your Wife, received nothing short of fantastic reviews from its audiences. Here are just a few of the comments heard from people as they left the theatre: "Fantastic show" - "Two hours of lots of laughter, you get to forget about what is happening in the world" - "The best one yet" - "So funny, needed more tissues" - "Excellent, as always."

Ian Goodenough of NODA came to watch on opening night: "Thoroughly enjoyed last night's performance of 'Run for your Wife'. Everyone needs a bit of farce in their lives. Enjoy the rest of the run!!" Read Mr Goodenough's report on the NODA website here.

And here is what our very own Chairman had to say: "Well, I had heard and read the feedback via various channels over the last seven days and last night I got to see it for myself. 'Run for Your Wife'.....WOW, it truly was a gem. So funny, full of pace from start to finish and a must see for anyone with an ounce of love for live theatre. Massive Well Done to all involved and a special mention for Ken Tyrrell the producer, you really do get the best from everyone. I walked out tall last night feeling proud to be chairman of this wonderful society."

Congratulations to all involved!

Anyone for Joseph? (Published: 21 May 2014)

'Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat' is being staged by Youngstagers & StageRite Youth Theatre Group, Saltash in association with Neil Bailey Freelance Musical Director from 30th July to 2nd August

We are currently looking for cast between 13 -18 years and, in particular, young males to play the parts of Joseph, his father and the brothers.

Please note that, in accordance with the Licence, cast members must be aged 18 years and under at the time of the production

We have an Information Evening on Friday 2nd May at Burraton Community Centre at 7pm and would be delighted to hear from anyone who might be interested in joining us for this exciting production

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon

Kindest regards

Marilyn Grose 
Youngstagers & Stage Rite Youth Theatre Group
07715 557757


Ali Baba and the Fourty Thieves NODA REVIEW (30th Jan, 2014) (Published: 20 Mar 2014)

Ian Goodenough writes:

On a wet and grisly night, the HATS served up a colourful slice of comedy that was just the trick to cheer me up - and I wasn't the only one. This night, Ali Baba had the perfect audience in the form of 1 million cubs, beavers and scouts.

OK. Maybe not 1 million, but they certainly made enough noise for that many and gave the cast just what they needed. A reaction! In fact the whole audience were enjoying their night with some nice interactions that were not always scripted!

The performance had a lot going in its favour. A strong script, strong leads, good pace and a fabulous-looking set. The script was well written with a slew of quick-fire corny jokes that still pulled smiles and laughter from this cynical Scrooge, while the songs, each based on the ABBA songbook, were cleverly re-written with new lyrics that suited the show. In fact it was the clever use of ABBA songs as a musical structure that helped give the show a robust character throughout and gave great pleasure to those members of the audience old enough to know the original lyrics! Nice to see the live band too, supporting the production well despite some volume issues with the cast, who appeared to be wearing head-mics that were either not working or not balanced well.

I mentioned loving the set. With good reason! The main stage was dressed with several beautifully painted backdrops, with good use of extended space downstage stage left and right. Extra props on stage were also well done - in particular the huge jars of oil the 4-Tie-Thieves hid in. A good set can be ruined by a poor wardrobe, but that wasn't a problem here as the whole cast were well dressed in colourful and well-styled costumes which only added to the strong overall look.

Biggest criticism is for the lack of vocal strength in the chorus numbers - the loudest they got was in the final number 'Thankyou for the Music', while supported by some of the stronger principals. Choreography was simple and would have been effective if the company had made a bigger effort (some didn't know the steps at all), particularly in the opening number which lacked the punch a show like this needs to get started (especially after the long overture).

So to the cast! Chief in any panto, is the dame. Suitably terrifying and with some very good comic timing, Rum Baba dominated the stage. I would have liked a slightly more over-the-top character and definitely more OTT wigs - I cried out with joy when we were treated to the massive creation in the final scene, but I need my dames' wigs to be as exciting as their eye-shadow!

Rum Baba wasn't the only performer with good timing, surrounded as she was by Ali, Abba, Morgiana, Cassim (who lost his head at one point!) and Ugli - all were strong and kept the pace of the show up which makes all the difference in a script full of one-liners.

Great teamwork was also evident from the 4-tie thieves, who the audience loved every time they stepped, or galloped, on stage.. “Yippee!” The head ‘bad-guy’ was the greatest bundle of energy on the stage, leaping into the air and slapping her minions in rage – the chorus needed to learn from the energy displayed by 'One Eyed Maid Earlier’

The other double act that entertained us, were the dynamic duo 'Typhoo' and 'Tetley'. They were funny, both visually and in their comic timing, but they struggled through the audience 'sing-a-long', which felt the most awkward bit of the performance - I have to question how appropriate the song (‘Gimme, Gimme, Gimme a Man After Midnight’) was for an audience of kids. I know the main point of the section was to help cover the changes for the 'big reveal' for the final scene, but it felt very dragged out and the audience's focus was lost through too many repeats of the song.

But that finale looked FANTASTIC! The costumes all beautifully co-ordinated and the stage dressed with equal splendour - a wonderful way to leave the audience.

All in all, this was a fun show with some great elements - bravo.

Spring Play 2014 (Published: 23 Feb 2014)

Cheshire Cats
A comedy by Gail Young, to be directed by Sarah O'Connor.

This tells the story of a group of girls planning to ‘Walk the Walk’ with the London Moonwalk in aid of the Breast Cancer Charity. Follow the team as they speedwalk their way to fundraising success in the London Moonwalk. Five girls are attempting to walk 13 miles across the capital in record time in their decorated bras and posh new trainers, but the sixth member of their team doesn't seem to meet the physical criteria! ‘Cheshire Cats’ is a cross between a girls' night out and a real mission to support a cause close to many hearts, with plenty of laughs and a few tears along the way. 

The first night ticket sales will go to the charity and we would welcome contact from teams taking part in the Walk the Walk.


Panto tickets (Published: 5 Dec 2013)

Advance booking for sponsors and paid-up members on Monday 16th & Wednesday 18th 7:30-9:00pm (limited to 4 tickets each).

£8.00 each (reduced price of £6.00 each for shows on the first Monday & Tuesday only).

It is preferable for tickets to be paid for at the time of booking. All tickets must be paid for on collection and before opening night. Any tickets that have not been paid for by opening night will be put back on sale.

For show info click here

Panto 2014 (Published: 26 Sep 2013)
*** More chrous wanted***Come and join us!***
Next year Eve Earles will be staging a production of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. 
Performance dates are 27th January – 8th February.
The first reading / casting will take place after the AGM on Monday 30th September, and the second reading will be on Wednesday 2nd October. It is important to attend on these dates if you would like to take part in the panto, front or backstage. There are about 10 male parts and 8 female parts. Anybody is welcome to audition. There will be a singing audition as well. 
You can contact Eve on 01409 220293.
Sept Play 2013 (Published: 15 Mar 2013)

Ken will be producing "The Right Honorable Gentleman" in September, A real-life scandal in Victorian England, in which a Parliament official's career was ruined by an accusation of adultery. (seven men and seven women)

The Show runs 12th-14th and 19th-21st September 2013. 

Readings take place 29th May (possibly also 30th).  After casting, people will have four weeks to familiarise themselves with the play - hopefully the whole play not just their own lines - in preparation for rehearsals starting on 24th June

Prop Up Panto (Published: 6 Dec 2012)

The Panto - Jack and the Beanstalk - is going well in rehearsals, but we have hit a problem with Props.  The people who were going to do it are now unable to,  so HELP!!!

Can you help with props, both during some rehearsals and during the performances?  We are looking for a few people who can share it between them - finding - or making - the props, then looking after them and ensure they are ready for the actors or are set on stage as, ap-prop-riate (last one I promise).  It is good fun and gets you involved with the whole production.

No experience necessary, as there are plenty around who can advise.  Please contact Eve on 220293.  Thanks

Panto 2013 (Published: 27 Nov 2012)

Please help distribute posters for the pantomime  –  just collect a poster from the theatre during rehearsals (Monday and Wednesday evenings), or from the box office from 2nd
 January, or even download it from the HATS website (here)

Take it to your local shop / pub / lamp post etc and arrange to have it displayed.  Simple!

Spring Play 2013 (Published: 26 Nov 2012)

The Spring play will be:

The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society's Production of Macbeth

David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin Jnr

This uproarious comedy introduces the ladies of F.A.H.E.T.G.D.S., their producer, Plummer, and stage manager, Henry. Their startlingly original production of Macbeth should get them to the Welwyn Garden City Finals, but, under the carefully mascara'd eye of adjudicator George Peach, events conspire against them ...

Sarah O'Connor will be directing this.  The play is cast and rehearsals under way.  see cast list and details

This is the Shakesperian play as you have never seen it before - and unlikely to see it again - with the opportunity for the cast to enjoy over-acting as only amateurs can!   Parts for 7 women and 3 men of a variety of ages.

2012 'Allo 'Allo (Published: 14 Oct 2011)
Spring Play 'Allo 'Allo Time is getting close to when we bring alive those well-loved characters from the Cafe Rene in Nazi-occupied French town of Nouvion. Plans are already starting to come together and we are now on the look-out for uniforms (German, Italian, Police Officer etc) for the various characters, so if you have any knowledge of where some might be begged, borrowed or stolen from, we will get our 'Michelle of the Resistance' (aka Mary) to organise her girls on a reconnaissance trip to procure them. I know some of you are thinking you might come out of those shady corners of the 'I don't act anymore' club - and I am hoping to see many of you - there will be the read-through and auditions straight after the pantomime's conclusion. Apart from Rene, all the parts are nice sizes and great fun! There is also a need for a few extra non-speaking parts and a pianist to play on stage. Remember - there are parts for actors of all ages! Please get in touch with me at any time if you wish to become involved in roles off the stage too - there are plenty of things to be done even before we get rehearsing.

Sarah O'Connor
sarah at
‘Allo ‘Allo (Published: 25 Aug 2011)
Sara O’Connor will be directing this popular comedy, probably the last two weeks of May 2012
2012 Diamond Jubilee (Published: 25 Aug 2011)

Pat Smith and Annette Dennis are interested in putting a show together for next September to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Happenings in the 1950s would be the theme. Anyone who had suggestions please contact Pat or Annette.

The first rehearsal date is Monday 11th June at the theatre starting at 7.30pm prompt. Anyone that would like to join in the production will be made most welcome.
This is a note from the producers of the HATS Diamond Jubilee Celebratory Show which is to be held from Thursday 27th - Saturday 29th Sept 2012 (evening performances plus Matinee on Saturday).

The date of the first rehearsal is Monday 11th June. Rehearsals thereafter are Monday and Wednesday (starting 18th June). Mike Wonnacott will be Musical Director. Producers are Annette Dennis (01049 254757) and Pat Smith (01409 253522). The show will consist of songs, a couple of monologues and sketches taken from the 1950's.

Those taking part in the show will ideally provide their own costumes from the period; HATS wardrobe has very little of that era. Anna Marshall is drawing up some sketches of clothes of that time to give everyone an idea of what is needed. Basically, the fashion right now is roughly in line, with pedal pushers/ Capri pants, waisted dresses with flared skirts, and flared skirts worn with T shirt tops for rock 'n' roll era. Teddy boy fashion for the fellas. If you have costume to offer, or any thoughts or suggestions, contact the producers on the phone numbers above.

2012 Panto - choice between two Pantos (Published: 12 Jun 2011)

Two potential producers made a pitch to the Committee to produce the 2012 panto. Eve Earles offered 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and Heather Prouse, 'Snow White' Both had done a considerable amount of homework, considering casting and back-stage aspects of their productions and both gave excellent pitches. The Committee discussed the two production- both would be ideal - but a decision had to be made and a vote taken. It was agreed to invite Heather to do the panto for 2012 and invite Eve to keep her ideas for Jack and the Beanstalk for 2013. See above for details of Snow White.

Deadly Nightcap - September 2011 (Published: 1 May 2011)

Ken Tyrrell is producing Deadly Nightcap by Francis Durbridge on Thurs-Sat 8th - 10th and 15th- 17th Sept. It is a famous and popular 'Who Done It' thriller. It has a cast of six men and four women, all of whom are in the age range 30 -60, although there is some flexibility on this. The Show is now cast and rehearsals have begun:

Sarah Lynn Tyrrell
Geoffrey Curtis Ian Croxton
Lucy Baker Betty Woodhams
Edward Donnington Charles Jeffery-Hudson
Kate Warren Di Sluggett
Jack Radford Phil Hammens
Anna Truman Steph Devoy
Dr Maurice Young Trevor House
Cliff Jordan James Kendling
Arnold Boston Peter Fitzpatrick

For more information

Cinderella 2011 NODA REVIEW (Mon 31st Jan) (Published: 1 Mar 2011)

This must be one of the most popular pantomimes ever, but it never loses its appeal to audiences of all ages. The Fairy Godmother set the scene when she arrived in a flurry of flashing lights and smoke, and the chorus soon let us know that they had arrived. The singing was very good, but the scene would have been even better with slightly more movement . Cinderella came over as a force to be reckoned with, and most certainly not an easy push over. She had a very pleasant voice, and her duet with the Prince was well received. The Ugly Sisters, Mona and Grizelda were very entertaining and their costumes were superb. Dandini was well cast, with an excellent voice and dancing ability, and her dialogue with the changes of accent was very good, as was that of the Prince. Buttons had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand, and the Baroness was quite superb. Poor old Baron Hardup little knew what he was letting himself in for when he agreed to marry her, but soon found out, much to his regret. The costumes were good, and the scenery was colourful. The transition scene from the kitchen into the coach and horses scene was excellent. The lighting was good, and the musicians accompanied well. Once again a very enjoyable visit to this very talented Society.

Queen of Hearts' - NODA Review (Published: 19 Oct 2010)
NODA REVIEW OF THE QUEEN OF HEARTS PRODUCERS: AMY CLARKE & ROB PAINTER MUSICAL DIRECTOR: MIKE WONNACOTT This was a pantomime in the true tradition, with the ?goodies? setting the scene, and the ?baddies? giving the audience plenty to boo about. The opening chorus scene was well presented vocally, but it would have been good to see some more movement, or even more imaginative grouping. It was obvious that the chorus had been extremely well rehearsed, but it was a shame that there were so few young men in the line-up. The principals were very good, and the professionalism of some of the more mature players was very obvious, and being able to play to the audience and to be able to re-act to their comments and reactions was great, and was used to good advantage. The voices of Tilly Flop and Alice were very easy on the ear, but once again a little more movement during the solos and duets would have enhanced the performance even more. The characters from Wonderland were superb, and special mention must be made of the Walrus and the White Rabbit. The costumes were good, and the sets were excellent, especially the effect of the slide in Act II and the finale was spectacular from all aspects. Well done to this very talented Society. DIANE GILCHRIST, NODA
(Published: 1 Oct 2010)

Eve Earles produced 'Waters of the Moon', by N C Hunter - a comedy full of atmosphere and that kind of characterisation which pulls at the heart-strings. Well done to all involved! Cast details and more on Waters of the Moon


HATS Musical Showcase - 2010 (Published: 12 Sep 2009)

This production has again had to be postponed for the present


St Peter's Fair Barbecue (Published: 25 Sep 2016)

The Barbecue that was run by HATS on the Wednesday of Fair Week 2016 proved to be good fun for the members and also profitable. After expenses, it raised in the region of £200 for our funds.

Left to right: Sue Painter, Amy Painter, Eve Earles, Denise Moorley.

HATS at Late Night Shopping (Published: 13 Dec 2015)

Dressed up in panto costumes (and frequently spotted dancing to keep out the cold), some of our members were at the recent Late Night Shopping event in Holsworthy to help promote our forthcoming panto Dick Whittington and his Cat. We also launched our new gift vouchers at the event which look fantastic, and of which we sold several.

Thanks to everyone who helped out by distributing flyers, chatting to people and promoting the society as a whole. Special thanks go to Denise Moorley and Carole Wright who not only organised and set up the stall but also braved the cold for the duration. 

(Photos courtesy of Rodney Parrish)

Annual Quiz Night (Published: 25 Oct 2013)

Annual quiz night at the White Hart - Holsworthy
Teams of six - price tba  per person (to include platter of food)
7pm for 7.30pm start. A great night out!
Please call Pat Smith 01409253522, or Heather Prouse 253131 to book a team

Annual Quiz Night Cancelled (Published: 22 Oct 2013)

Please note: HATS Fundraising Committee has had to take the unfortunate decision to cancel the Annual Quiz Night due to lack of support.

Holsworthy Band Christmas Carol Concert (Published: 27 Nov 2012)

Holsworthy Band Christmas Carol Concert: Sunday 2nd December 2012
Doors open 7.00 for 7.30 start. Entrance is free (donations accepted).  
Free mulled wine and mince pies will be served to celebrate the season.  No need to book, just come along for a singalong!
HATS members are asked to sing with the HATS chorus, everyone is welcome, young or old.   
Call Pat (01409 253522) or Kerry (01409 254057) for more information, or just turn up on the night.
Remember that the Town Band gives  all proceeds from this concert to HATS, so let’s make a big effort to make this evening
really special.

Annual Quiz Night (Published: 12 Oct 2012)

Annual quiz night at the White Hart - Holsworthy
Teams of six - £3.50 per person (to include platter of food)
7pm for 7.30pm start. A great night out!
Please call Pat Smith 01409253522, or Heather Prouse 253131 to book a team

St Peters Fair (Published: 5 Jul 2012)

On Wednesday 11th July at St Peter's Fair.

HATS will be responsible for doing the BBQ in the square on this date during the evening. I am looking for volunteers from HATS members to assist with cooking, serving and generally assisting during the evening.

I am setting up a rota of one hour slots with 3 or 4 people on at a time so plenty of volunteers required. I am guessing we will be working from 6.30ish until 11pm. IF YOU CAN HELP THEN PLEASE call Ian Croxton on 0 7 9 2 0 1 3 2 5 3 0 and your preferred time slot. For your info, I have ordered sunshine and clear blue skies for this event so its a great time to catch up with the folk whilst having a bit of banter along the way.

Treasure Hunt (Published: 21 Jun 2012)

To be held on Sunday the 29th July , starting 2.30 pm at the theatre and finishing at Sue and Rob Painter's garden (The Post House, Underlane)

£1 for adults, and children under 14 Free. Tea, coffee and cakes provided, bring your own if you want to drink something stronger.

Cake donations would be much appreciated - please bring on the day, or drop off at the Post House earlier.

2012 Dinner/Dance (Published: 25 Jan 2012)
Hats Dinner Dance is 25th February 2012 in the Memorial Hall. Tickets (to include dinner and disco by Emma) cost £16, will be available from the theatre whenever it is open during the pantomime or from a member of the Fund Raising Committee (Heather 01409 253131) or Pat (01409 253522) and, of course, Charles Jeffrey-Hudson. All members and their partners / family are most welcome. Every young member attending must be in charge of at least one adult! Bring your parents along to meet us and have some fun!
St Peters Fair 2011 (Published: 10 Jun 2011)
HATS will again run the Barbecue on the Wednesday of St Peters Fair. Josie Alford and her friends were happy to take this job with the help of some senior members. Start selling at 7pm and finish about 11pm. Please contact Josie, or Committee members (or email/FB HATS) if you want to help. HATS will again perform the Furry Dance on the Thursday night and volunteers were needed for the dancing. Meet at 7pm and secretary"s home for a Dutch Courage tipple. Men to wear black trousers, white shirts and bow ties. Ladies - white skirts and black tops. Contact Annette (254757).

£140.00 profit was made, which considering the damp evening was thought to be good!!!
Quiz Night (Published: 7 Mar 2011)
A fund-raising Wine & Wisdom has been arranged for Saturday 22nd October 7.30pm at The White Hart. £3.50 per person teams of 6 and buy your drinks at the bar you will still be able to purchase bottles of wine; Refreshments are included.
Dinner Dance 2011 (Published: 17 Jan 2011)
In the Memorial Hall *Theme "Cinderella?$"* Dance to Tim Coleman"s disco * Bar Tickets to include disco and carvery supper - approximate cost£15. Tickets will be available from the theatre whenever it is open during the pantomime or contact Charles Jeffery-Hudson on 01409 271236. All members and their partners / family are most welcome. Every young member attending must be in charge of at least one adult! Bring your parents along to meet us and have some fun!
Wine & Wisdom - 9th October 2010 (Published: 6 Jun 2010)
Wine & Wisdom has been arranged at the White Hart on Sat 9th October 2010. Details to follow.
Johnny Cash Tribute Night­ - Saturday 24th July (Published: 2 Mar 2010)
This Show is sponsored by HATS, to raise funds. Tickets will be £10. All members will be encouraged to sell tickets.  Tickets will also be available in the booking office during the play ‘Out of Order’ and 7th July when HATS’s man the barbecue during Fair week. More information will be available when tickets are available.

Buffs Easter Draw 2010 (Published: 1 Mar 2010)
The BUFFS are running an Easter Draw and this year all proceeds from that Draw as well as their Easter Bonnet competition are going to HATS. They would like support from HATS members in selling tickets and by entering their Easter Bonnet competition, held on Easter Monday at the White Hart at 7.30 - Monday is BUFFS night. Could members please ring Sue Painter (01409 253840) if they can sell tickets or just to buy some - 25p each or £1.00 a book.

Wine and Wisdom evening 7 November 2009 (Published: 11 Nov 2009)

This Event raised £280 for the fund-raising Account. Thanks to everyone who attended.

North Devon Journal Torridge Your Pics (Published: 10 Nov 2009)

The final amount raised though your efforts in sending photos to the North Devon Journal was £321. Well done to all you photo-journalists and paparazzi for this tremendous effort.

Waitrose Tokens (Published: 9 Nov 2009)

Thanks to a bit of initiative taking from members of the committee, Waitrose included HATS in their charity token scheme. As a result we raised £282. Collectively these initiatives have added more than £900 to our savings account for the new extension.


Wonnacott Shield (Published: 18 Dec 2015)
Each member of the Society is invited to nominate the name of a single member who they think deserves recognition. Names should be given, with the reason for nomination and the name of the member nominating, to any committee member, or via the website or put in the suggestions box in the theatre, by Tuesday 5th January.
The shield will be presented at the Dinner Dance on 27th February 2016.
Previous winners of the shield are (in no particular order): Kay Napier, Phil & Mary Barfett, Sheila Ford, Charles Jeffrey-Hudson, Jo North-Lewis, Tom Rolinson, Fred Stacey, Betty Woodhams.


HATS Chairman on Radio Cornwall (Published: 11 Nov 2015)

If you happened to be listening to Radio Cornwall last Thursday afternoon, 5th November, you will have heard our newly-appointed Chairman, Peter Whitehead being interviewed by Martin Bailie about our latest production in rehearsal, Jack and the Beanstalk.


Local Choir requires Musical Director (Published: 11 Oct 2015)

Theatre Royal Plymouth Open Day (Published: 4 Oct 2015)

Theatre Royal Plymouth is once again holding a free, family-friendly open day, this time on Sunday 4th October from 11am - 3pm. Activities will include make-up demos, stage tours, drama taster sessions, treasure hunts and more. All free! No need to book - just turn up on the day.

Stagecraft Workshop (Published: 18 Sep 2015)

12 October 2015 at 7.30 pm (prompt) in the theatre

Kay Napier will present a 2-3 hour workshop for all members. It will cover theatre history, theatre terminology, a practical exercise in the importance of blocking and stage positioning, exercises and techniques for vocal projection (both singing and speech) and an option to ask questions to improve understanding and technique.

It should be fun both for those who are new to performing and for those who have been onstage for years – there will be the chance to refine your techniques or learn new ones.

Depending on interest there could be a follow-up session. It is expected that all members will attend!

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring stage shoes if you have them.


Open-air Shakespeare, Holsworthy (Published: 18 Jun 2015)

The Taming Of The Shrew

In conjunction with The Plough Arts Centre, Illyria presents Shakespeare's famous comedy:

 The Taming of the Shrew

Saturday 1st August at 7:00pm
Badock Gardens, Holsworthy

Gates open from 5:30pm so you can bring a picnic.

"...if you’re looking for a rip-roaring performance of a controversial Elizabethan comedy to tickle you on a summer’s evening, look no further. And bring a second pair of socks - you’ll laugh the first ones off..."

Tickets are: £13 full / £11 concession / £9 supporter / family tickets also available.
To book, call The Plough on 01805 624624, or click here to book online.

It would be a lovely opportunity for HATS members to support this local theatre event as well as enjoy an evening of this kind together. If you want to go, please obtain your tickets from The Plough and we will co-ordinate meeting at the theatre nearer the day.

Please let Ian Croxton know if it is your intention to go, so that we can get an idea of interest and numbers.


HATS Summer Barbeque (Published: 10 May 2015)

Summer get together for all HATS members & their famillies. 
Saturday 25th July 2pm-6ish
Beer Hill House, Clawton EX22 6QN 
(Those with young children should be aware that this is a working smallholding with a lake so you will need to keep an eye on your little ones).

***Tickets now available from Peter Whitehead*** £4 per person.
Eat as much as you like until the food runs out. A vegetarian option will be available. Bring your own drinks, and a camping chair if you want one.

We will also have a few silly games and competitions - possibly petanque, killer skittles, tin can alley (mainly for the kids) and anything else that we can think of. Following the skills shown in Babes in the Wood, and bearing in mind that children will attend, we think that archery is out of the question.

Email Peter at for tickets. Alternatively you can call 07920 132530 and we will find a way of getting a ticket to you and taking payment. We may also have some tickets available at the theatre during the early rehearsals of 'Noises Off' in July.

Should you have any allergies or intolerances (I will make gluten free burgers, but will need to know about the bread) or if there are any vegetarians (I'm afraid I cannot cater for vegans), please let me know beforehand (when you buy your ticket) so Sally and I can ensure you are catered for. The date as mentioned above is confirmed as July 25th. If the weather is so bad it cannot go ahead, we will reschedule. Anyone who cannot make the new date can have a refund.


The committee would like your feedback (Published: 19 Apr 2015)
Following the latest committee meeting, we would like to bring some items to our members' attention and request feedback where appropriate, please. (See contact info below.)
  • HATS Members' Annual Dinner and Dance (February)

    It is felt that the time has come for a change of format, both for venue and entertainment.
Venue: A buffet meal at Holsworthy Golf Club or a buffet meal at the Rydon Inn
Entertainment: Roulette evening or other form of entertainment that members might like to suggest
Music:  To be provided by a DJ or other that members might like to suggest
Please let us know any other ideas or thoughts you may have.
  • Pantomime 2016
Would you like to direct next year's pantomime?  
If so, or you know somebody who would, please contact the committee quite soon with your proposed script. 
  • Social events for members
Following the suggestion from the committee in the last newsletter, for more social events to be organised for members, a Summer barbecue is proposed for the end of July, to be held at Clawton. 
Keep this in mind and look out for further details in the next newsletter, in June.
Other suggestions for activities have been: group theatre trips and drama workshops. If you like these ideas (or if you don't) - or you have any ideas of your own - the committee would love to hear from you.
  • Holsworthy St Peter's Fair
To remind you of how HATS gets involved with Fair Week -

Wednesday 8th July (evening): HATS members serve the BBQ in The Square.  A rota of helpers will be drawn up, so let us know if you'd like to volunteer.   

Thursday 9th July (evening): HATS members (and friends) dance the Furry Dance around the town. Again, volunteers are sought. If you would like to take part, see contact details below.

Contact information

To feed back on any of the items above, you can reply to the email recently sent out by Denise, leave a message on HATS' Facebook page or through the HATS website, or give a call to the Secretary, Annette (01409 254757) or Ian, our Chairman (07920132530)

We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!
Local Screenplay Opportunity (Published: 19 Apr 2015)

Request for actors from local filmmaker

A local filmmaker, Trevor Lewis is looking to cast HATS members and friends for a film entitled 'The Lost Son', which will be a drama / mystery.

The characters he is casting for are:

- A man, aged late forties, who is enquiring into the life and death of his son
- A woman, aged late twenties, of Yugoslavian origin
- Police officers
- Mortuary worker

The film will be of about 10 minutes' duration, and filming will take place locally, over three to four days during weekends. Trevor hopes to make more short films, with the aim of entering into some festivals.

If you are interested, contact Trevor Lewis directly, on: or 07815 952 380

HATS Rotary Performance (Published: 12 Feb 2015)

Rehearsals for HATS' peformance in this year's Rotary Show will begin on 16th February at 7:30pm and each Monday and Wednesday thereafter. Come along on 16th to find out which musical numbers we'll be performing this year and join us in bringing them to life. All members welcome!

Dinner Dance 2015 (Published: 4 Feb 2015)

The annual dinner dance for all members, partners and family members is on Saturday 28th February at Holsworthy Memorial Hall.  7:30pm for 8:00pm. Dress code: Black tie/smart evening wear (no jeans).

You can get your tickets from Stuart Napier (Little John!) during show nights, or from the Box Office (10am-3pm daily) during the panto show run. Alternatively, contact Ian Croxton or Stuart Napier.

Tickets are £16pp including a two-course dinner, music and of course lots of dancing! Always a great night so make sure get your tickets before we sell out. See you there!

Theatre Royal Plymouth Open Day (Published: 21 Oct 2014)

Theatre Royal Plymouth is holding a free, family-friendly open day at their Production and Learning Centre, TR2. Saturday 1st November, 10am - 2pm. Activities will include costume and make-up demos, tours of the workshops, dance and drama taster sessions and more. All free! No need to book - just turn up on the day.

Birmingham Royal Ballet will also be hosting a family open day at the Theatre, with arts & crafts, and open auditorium, and more.

HATS AGM & COMMITTEE ELECTION 2014/15 (Published: 8 Sep 2014)

Can you offer that little bit more to your beloved ‘HATS’?

At the fast approaching AGM on the 22nd September, we will be looking to replace three long standing HATS committee members who are unfortunately having to stand down this year.

If you would like, or know someone who would like, to become one of our valued committee members then please let our secretary Annette Dennis know in advance of the AGM. Call 01409 254757 or 07799 208057 (or write to her at 2 Kingswood Terrace, North Road, Holsworthy, EX22 6HH). Please note that if you are nominating someone else then your nominee's permission should be obtained beforehand.

NODA Workshops 2014 (Published: 26 Aug 2014)

NODA will be holding its Southwest Annual Conference Workshop Weekend in Torquay on 20th & 21st September. Courses will include: acting & drama skills, West End showstoppers, audition preparation, directing, set building, backstage organisation, and amateur theatre marketing. For more information on the packages available download the brochure here.

Margaret Salter (Published: 17 Apr 2014)

It is with deepest sadness that we have to inform you that Margaret Salter has passed away.

Margaret was involved with HATS both on and off stage - her most recent stage appearance being Mrs Pelham in The Right Honourable Gentlman in September last year.

She is remembered as a true lady - thoughtful, caring, and always had a smile for everyone.

Jenny Parker (Published: 29 Mar 2014)

It is with deepest sadness that we have to inform you that Jenny Parker has passed away.

Jenny has been a Stalwart of HATS Theatre for many years, covering numerous roles such as organising stewards along with stewarding herself, organising and siting show banners, ice cream sales, wardrobe, booking office and personally sponsoring two seats within the theatre. Jenny also sat on the HATS Committee for several years until ill health forced her retirement.

As per Jenny's wish, the funeral service will take place at HATS Theatre, on Thursday 10th April at 2pm. Family flowers only please, but donations if so desired by retiring collection or c/o J.E.Stacey & Co funeral directors.

Peter Fitzpatrick (Published: 25 Feb 2014)

It is with deepest sadness that we have to inform you that Peter Fitzpatrick unfortunately passed away unexpectedly on Saturday 23rd February. He loved acting, singing and the theatre, and being a part of HATS gave him great pleasure in recent years. A true professional (with a particular talent for accents!), he was a joy to work with on stage. 

Peter's funeral will be held on Monday 10th March at 10:30am at Bodmin Crematorium, follwed by a wake at The Halfway House Inn. Peter's family have expressed that they would like as many of his 'theatre family' to attend as possible, to say farewell and remember him fondly.

Stephanie Devoy is also putting together a collection of photographs of Peter in productions dating back to 2000. If you have any pictures, please pass them on to her in advance.

Thanksgiving for Fred Stacey (Published: 7 Jan 2014)

A thanksgiving service will be held on Friday 10th January in memory of Fred Stacey, one of our very talented scenery painters, who sadly passed away over Christmas. The service will be held in Bodmin Street Chapel at 2pm, following his funeral service at Buckhorn Chapel.

HATS members are invited to meet outside the theatre at 1:15pm to go across to the chapel together. If you wish to attend, please let Ian (07920 132530) or Annette (07799 208057) know so that we can give the funeral director an idea of numbers.

Queen’s Theatre Backstage Tour (Published: 26 Sep 2013)
Some people might be interested in taking up the North Devon Theatre offer of a backstage tour, on Wednesday 20 November - details below:
"Join our team on a backstage tour and find out what really goes on behind the scenes, hear some interesting stories and facts and have a look around public and private areas of the theatre. Approximate running time: 1 hour. Starts: 10.30am at the Queen’s Theatre, Barnstaple. Entry fee of £5.00. Free for NDT Members & Supporters."
Website changes (Published: 8 Apr 2013)

As you can see, I have given our Website a new lick of paint based on the colour-scheme of the Theatre.  For the moment the basic structure is largely unmodified.

Having spent the last six years maintaining the Site, I feel the time has come for a change and I am delighted to say that Hannah will be taking over both the design and content of the site, increasingly over the next couple of months. I thank her for volunteering.


By the way, the Site - like most Sites - looks much better with a modern internet browser - like Firefox or Chrome.  If you like Internet Explorer, make sure you have the latest version by using Windows Update

Actors wanted for Bude Film (Published: 20 Mar 2013)

We have received the following email from Amelia in London: I am currently casting for a short film, SALT. Set to shoot in Bude in a couple of weeks. I just wondered if you have many actors at HATS who could potentially be interested in small roles in the film? I'm originally from the area myself and would much rather cast locally then bring many down from London. Hope to hear from you soon, To avoid spam to her email address, I have not published it....please use the HATS contact form which I have set up to send her an email


Refined requirements

Thank you so much for this - response has really been overwhelming ! Only thing is I need headshots or any photos of actors. Do you have these on file anywhere or best to just contact them individually?
I am particularly looking for:

Fisherman: 35+ , weathered face.
Old women X2 : 60+ , with attitude
Young mum
Plus extras

To save the spam stuff If you all email your photos to me (, I'll pass them to Amelia

Dinner Dance 2013 (Published: 23 Feb 2013)

HATS Dinner Dance is 23rd February 2013 in the Memorial Hall.  Tickets (to include dinner and disco by Tim Coleman).

Tickets will be available shortly from Charles Jeffery-Hudson at the theatre on rehearsal nights and during the pantomime, or from a member of the Fund Raising Committee,.

Members and their families and friends welcome.
Tickets £16 - Roast and dessert / Vegetarian option available.
A great night out - hope to see you there

Have fun helping other AmDram groups (Published: 17 Oct 2012)

We've had two calls for help in recent times:

Bradworthy Young Farmers - looking for someone to help produce an entry in a drama competition, date as yet unknown.  If you are interested in helping out please give Dianna Sampson on Bideford 4 3 1   4  6 5.

The Weir Marhamchurch - they plan a murder mystery evening on 1st November and would appreciate the help of 7/8 people (of both sexes) to play - I think - minor roles.  Performance is on 1st November, with possible a rehearsal before.  Please contact Fraser Proudfoot on Bude 3 6 1  3 1 7

Aubrey Woollard (Published: 16 Sep 2012)

Update - The cremation will take place 11am (I think) Thursday 27th Sept 2012, followed by a Church Service in Holsworthy at 2pm.  All are welcome to either/both occasions. HATS members wishing to participate in the Church Service should meet at the bustop by the Library at 1.30pm (please tell Annette if you plan coming to the Church).  Tea at Cousins Cafe afterwards.


We are saddened to report that Aubrey Woollard passed away on the morning of Saturday September 15th, 2012.

Aubrey, his late wife Hazel and son Ian were involved in HATS and other Holsworthy dramatic societies for over 40 years.  Hazel and Ian both appeared on stage; Aubrey loved being part of the Society and made his contribution in so many ways  - in front of house, helping with Box Office, creating programmes, as Licensee, Asst Treasurer and, until recently, in supporting and maintaining the fabric of the Theatre.

He was a lovely man, an 'absolute treasure', truly loved by many!  Quiet, gentle and with an ever-present smile.  Indeed it is impossible to think of him without that smile infecting your face!  He was a joy to spend time with, talking about the Theatre, his life in Holsworthy, in the RAF and, earlier in Ipswich.

As much as he loved the Theatre, he had a deep love for Hazel and the family.  So when she became ill, he dedicated his life to unselfishly supporting her until she passed away in 2008.  Since then, he clearly missed her deeply, the loss compounded by the insiduous illness to which he fell prey.

We shall miss him greatly - it will be difficult to be at the forthcoming AGM and not see him quietly listening and watching at the back right-hand side of the Theatre.  We shall feel great sadness at his departing, mingled with joy that at last he knows peace.

If you have photos or further memories of Aubrey, please email to via the contact us page.

NODA weekend courses at Bicton college 22 - 24 July 2011 (Published: 27 Jun 2011)
Workshops cost £30 per day. Free places for youngsters on youth workshops if parents are also booked on courses. Brief details of workshops are: Characterisation for actors / You wanted to be a director / Introduction to stage and production management / Voice production and musical skills / Business of amateur theatre / Musical showstoppers Sweeny Todd / Weekend Master class on a West End show / Youth actors workshop (7-10 yrs and 11-15 yrs) For full details contact Annette Dennis (01409 254757)
Extension (Published: 15 Apr 2011)
We are seeking quotations for a new boiler and are advertising for tenders to clear the site, put in drains etc. and quote for and erect steelwork frame and cladding. The Theatre will be closed from 1 April 2011 during the spring/summer to allow the work to be done We are exploring avenues for possible grants to help with the funding of the extension.
Help Hatherleigh do Dad's Army (Published: 8 Mar 2011)

Hatherleigh Players have contacted us asking if anyone from HATS was interested in helping them with their production of Dads Army at the Hatherleigh Community Centre, during the first week in June 2011. Please contact Alan Jones 01837 810244.

In memory of Angela Edgecombe (Published: 2 Mar 2011)
AngelaIn memory of Angela Edgecombe, the HATS member who passed away last year after a long struggle with cancer, there will be a Black Tie Ball at the Holsworthy Memorial Hall on 1st October 2011. Tickets are £30 per person, tables of ten, profits in aid of Cancer Research. A sit down four course meal will be provided followed by Steve Tucker all-star Band with David Vaughan and a Silent Auction. We want to get together at least one, if not more, HATS Tables. Please contact Heather Prouse (01409 253131 if interested
Plough Writers' Workshop (Published: 5 Oct 2010)
You may want to attend a writers' workshop at The Plough Torrington on 23rd Oct. Torrington Players has arranged for an experienced writer, Anna Maria Murphy, who has written for Kneehigh Theatre, RSC and BBC Radio 4 to do a day's workshop. Although members of the Torrington Players are subsidised, HATS Members will have to pay the full price (including coffee and a light lunch) of ?26. Full details are at the Plough website, or feel free to contact the TP Secretary jevansloude on the jolly old hotmail com site (obscure phrasing to confuse spammers).
Technical Training Day - 5th Dec 2010 (Published: 10 Sep 2010)
The Lighting and Sound Team (principally Tony Prouse, Chas Painter and Paul Dorrington) are holding the Technical Training day, that was going to be run by the ex-Plough Tech Mgr. It is on Sunday 5th Dec, 10am - 4pm, approx. The day will provide an introduction to:
  • The lighting equipment
  • Operating the lighting board
  • Operating the follow spots
  • Setting up lights (very basic intro)
  • The sound equipment
  • Operating the sound equipment and board
The day will involve verbal and practical training, also will include some limited handouts. You will spend time in the lighting, sound and spot boxes, walking and crawling above the auditorium and stage and, maybe, some time up ladders. Please dress appropriately, also bring your own refreshments. That evening is the Town Band Xmas Concert, so we may spend a little practical time preparing the lighting and sound. It is essential that we know who is coming so we can adjust the day to the level of experience, also we will have limited places. Thus, please book early by contacting Ron on 01409 231245
Plough Course on Technical Theatre (Published: 10 Aug 2010)
Update: the Plough have just realised (2 Oct) there are age limits imposed by the Lottery funding: 12-18yrs only!!! October 28th/ 29th (Th/Fr) 10am - 4pm. A 2 day course for beginners on all aspects of technical theatre. Working with David Thynne, Technical Manager at The Plough Arts Centre, you will learn how to rig and operate lights, run sound, and achieve special effects for the theatre. On day two your new skills will be put to good use creating special effects and technical magic for a play in a day course based on Dr Who. Lottery-funded, thus free. Places limited. For more information, then scroll to 'Tech It!'
Be an Extra in a Major Feature Film!! (Published: 7 Jul 2010)

Updated details below - note some of our people have been invited to casting, so it is worth applying

The 'Casting Collective' are looking for extras in South Devon for a major feature film.

Men and women aged 16+ for a film set in World War 1. Shooting in South Dartmoor (approx 40 mins from Plymouth). Filming in August and September, but won't be every day.

Men must be happy to have a haircut if required - short back and sides and must have natural hair. Facial hair is ideal but not essential.

Women need to have longer than shoulder length hair. Needs to be natural no obviously dyed hair or highlights. No fake tan or deep tans.

If this is you, please go to: and fill in your details and upload a recent photo of yourself.

Casting day is Saturday 24th July at: Princetown Village Centre, Tavistock Road, Lydford, Yelverton, Devon, PL20 6QE. They will be seeing people from 9.30am till 2.00pm (They will see you as quickly as possible but please allow a couple of hours in case you arrive at a particularly busy time!) Filming: two sequences, first early August, second fittings late August then the main shooting session 9th - 11th September (all day and, possibly, into the evening - also, these dates may change) Good rates of pay.

The Casting Agency has been tight-lipped about the film, but this BBC article suggests it may be a Stephen Spielberg film!!

If you decide to go, please email HATS Web Site so we can share cars.

Youth Drama Workshop (Published: 6 Jun 2010)
Sarah O'Conner (who joined HATS towards the end of last year) will be running some drama workshops for boys & girls aged between 11 and 15 years.  They will be held during the week 16th-20th August 10.30-3pm in Ashwater Village Hall at a charge of £30.00 for the week.  Performance project will be exploring Tsunami - to create, improvise and devise a dramatic interpretation of events.  If you , your son or daughter are interested in participating please contact Sarah on 01409 259409
Stewards (Published: 15 Apr 2010)
Training - although we currently have around 50 trained Stewards but need more for the Panto. Anyone else interested in being trained please contact Alan Bewes (253825). Remember, you must complete this course before you can steward at performances.
Photos (Published: 21 Mar 2010)

After the superb HATS Supper in February, Rod (Paparazzi) Parrish has kindly made available many of the photos he took at the event. They are available on the (Paprazzi Parrish Website).