Putting on a Show: Front of House


This page introduces you to front-of-house roles in H.A.T.S. Please either read it in sequence, or skip to the role that most interests you: Box Office, Stewards, Sweets, Publicity, Programme or Theatre Management.

Box Office

What is involved:Open all hours! during the period preceding a show, the box office is run by Society members, providing tickets for those who phone and those who walk into the Theatre.

What experience is needed: none, just a bit of knowledge of the Theatre and our Shows (provided to beginners).

How much time will it take: very little. You volunteer for just the number of 2.5 hour stints that you are comfortable with.




What is involved: Seat Plan of Theatrefor each performance we need a number of Stewards to help show the audience to their seats, and for safety. These are under the control of a chief steward, who also checks tickets.

What experience is needed: you do need to be a Society member and must attend briefing sessions onm the role. Some members make their main contribution to the Society in this vital way.

How much time will it take: very little. You volunteer for just the number of performances you are comfortable with. You will need to be there during the whole performance and a brief time before and afterwards.

Sweets / Ice Cream / Programmes

What is involved: Ice Creamfor each performance we sell sweets and ice creams, before the performance (sweets and programmes) and during intervals (sweets and ice creams). You will either sell or organise these activities.

What experience is needed: little, but being happy to cheerfully handle a flood of hungry customers in the interval certainly helps!

How much time will it take: as much or as little time as you can spare. Your are required until after the interval, when you can leave.


What is involved:producing posters and other publicity material for a Show.

What experience is needed: artistic skill is important and the ability to work with local media (although these two aspects of the work could be done by different people).

How much time will it take: it varies by show, but not an enormous amount (although it will feel that way at the time!).





What is involved: producing programmes for productions. There are two parts to this - selling adverts and artwork and typesetting for the programme and adverts.

What experience is needed: selling adverts requires good contacts around town and a persuasive tongue!!!
Setting out the artwork and typesetting requires familiarity with computer desktop publishing and artwork packages, preferably 'Coreldraw'.

How much time will it take: a month and a bit of very intensive activity during panto time and then it is done!


Theatre Management

What is involved:HATS Theatre managing the Theatre, for H.A.T.S.' productions, and those of other organisations, involves many diverse activities:

  • Licence Holder - one person (Aubrey) holds the licence for the theatre and is responsible for its day-to-day management.
  • Business Manager - one person (Alan) is responsible for taking the Theatre bookings from other organisations.
  • Cleaning - sometimes done by members of the society and sometimes we employ others around times of shows.
  • Maintenance - the Theatre needs constant maintenance, which is done by Society committee members and others as required. To see a dinner-suited Steward handling drainage problems (!) is quite an experience!
  • Development - from time-to-time the Theatre requires major development, as happened in 2004 when the Foyer / Toilets required re-development to meet new legal obligations. This is done by members, with considerable help from the people and businesses of Holsworthy and surrounding area.

What experience is needed: Most of these roles are already done, but if the call comes from the committee, hopefully you will feel like volunteering!

How much time will it take: as much as you can spare, then more!!!


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