Further Show Information

Ali Baba & the Forty Thieves 27th Jan - 8th Feb 2014, eves Mon-Sat, Matinees Sat

HATS' annual panto. This hilarious new version of the Arabian Nights tale, written by Simon Rayner Davis and published by Spotlight Publications, is a traditional family pantomime full of slapstick, silly jokes and songs by ABBA with specially rewritten lyrics.  Produced by Eve Earles with Michael Wonnacott as Musical Director.


Set in Old Baghdad, the plot has Ali Baba, a poor woodcutter, whose son Abba stumbles across the cave of ‘One Eyed Maid Earlier’ and her motley crew of thieves in the Forest of Foreboding. Ali's brother Cassim finds out about Ali's secret and is discovered by the thieves in their cave. When Cassim escapes from the cave the thieves go in search of him to kill him and his family once and for all. It is left to Morgiana, Ali's servant girl, to save the day.... 


Performance Information

The Show runs: 27th Jan - 8th Feb 2014, eves Mon-Sat, Matinees Sat

Booking starts on: Sat 28th December

Performance Information: Doors Open: 7.00 pm (Matinees 2.00 pm).  Starts: 7.30 pm (Matinees 2.30 pm)

Members' Information

Rehearsals are already underway, but we're still looking for backstage crew and techy types to help with the shows.

Advance booking for sponsors and paid-up members on Monday 16th & Wednesday 18th 7:30-9:00pm (limited to 4 tickets each)

Cast List

Ali Baba (A woodcutter) - Ron Lester

Rum Baba (His wife, the Dame) - Ian Croxton

Abba Baba (His son, Principal Boy) - Kim Whiting

Morgiana (Servant to Ali Baba, Principal Girl) - Hannah Cook

Cassim Baba (Ali Baba's brother) - Phil Barfett

Ugli Baba (His wife) - Sarah O'Conor

Tetley (An apprentice) - Crispin King

Typhoo (Another apprentice) - Kay Napier

Maid Earlier (One-eyed leader of the Thieves) - Lesley Wonnacott

Dickie Beau (Thief) - Trevor House

Jack the Kipper (Thief) - Tyla Cisneros

Polly Esther (Thief) - Rebecca Rose

Reggie Mental (Thief) - Charles Jeffery-Hudson

Rough Ruth (A draper) - Carol Wright

Duane Pipe (A pet salesman) - Martin Jordan

Mustapha Tinkle (A tailor) - Peter Whitehead

Semolina (A well-off lady) - Sue Painter

Tapioca (Another well-off lady) - Heather Knight

Samantha (Naughty child) - Olivia Byers

Josephine (Naughty child) - Jessie Martyn

George (Naughty child) - James Alford

Harriet (Naughty child) - Abi Stone

Citizens & Traders of Old Bagdad (Various) - Chorus