Further Show Information

Lest We Forget 8 Nov - 9 Nov 18

A commemoration of the end of World War One
Created, Produced & Directed for HATS by Mike and Lesley Wonnacott.

Show will consist of songs, poems and sketches linked by narration and scenes.


Camilla Joyce's review of Lest We Forget can be viewed by clicking here

Performance Information

The Show runs: Thu 8th Nov - 9 Nov 18

Booking starts on: Mon 29th October



Performance Information: Doors Open: 7.00 pm.  Starts: 7.30 pm

Members' Information

Cast List

Phil Barfett, Georgina Bridle, Simon Brooking, Tom Chandler-Ross, Nick Cleaver, Hannah Daniel, Rebecca Davis, Annette Dennis, John Dixon, Eve Earles, Christine Forster, Caleb Fowler, Becky Gear, Trevor House, Charles Jeffery-Hudson, Dan Hunt, Wendy Isaac, Heather Knights, Patrick Lavender, Jodie Lawson, Sarah Leach, Ron Lester, Kay Napier, Andrea Nosworthy, Mary Osborne, Sue Painter, Teg Parry-Watson, Diana Sluggett,  Kerry Smith, Alisha Squirrel, Joel Stokes, Ken Tyrrell, Bradley Vile, Peter Whitehead, Lesley Wonnacott, Marion Wonnacott, Michael Wonnacott, Betty Woodhams, Tracey Wosnitzka, Carole Wright.