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Information for The Queen of Hearts (1987)

The Queen of Hearts, was a Pantomime directed by Mary Littlechild.

By Wilfred Miller

Cast, includes (amongst others)

Columbine - Teresa Ford
Mischief - Jo Martin
Deuce - Crispin King
The Queen of Hearts - Brian Soby
The King of Hearts - John Thornton
Prince Valenine - Annette Bracher
Alice - Nicola Stahley
Jack - Richard Lucas
Tilly Flop - Tracey Gardener
Sir Sinister Spade - Desmond Shadrick
Camilla - Fiona Walker
David of Diamonds - Andrea Ford
The White Rabbit - Lisa Cobbledick
Stick - David Smith
Twist - Philip Barfett

From Wonderland
Duchess - Cynthia Haynes
Cook - Celia Sanders
Mad Hatter - Linda Cobbledick
Old Father William - Lisa Martin
His Son - Keith Taylor
Dormouse - Adam Goodman
Walrus - Joanne Hutchings
Carpenter - Hannah Higgins

Chorus of villagers, tradespeople, fairies and courtiers etc.
Melanie Axford, Sarah Bellairs, Carole Bewes, Heather Cleverdon,
Linda Cobbledick, Kirsty Hamley, Hannah Higgins, Joanne Hutchings,
Tracey Jones, Mary Lynds, Lisa Martin, Louise Martin, Andrea Mitchell,
Celia Sanders, Anita Sillifant, Sarah Stephenson, Sarah Stevens, Jackie Sweet,
Karen White, Darren Cleverdon, Adam Goodman, Keith Taylor
Solo Fairy Dance - Andrea Mitchell

Choreography - Cheryl Leach, Mary Littlechild

Conductor - Len Edwards
Pianist - Gerald Sweet
Organist - Sheila Ford
Percussion - Pete Parrish

Stage Manager - Val Kelly
Assistant Stage Manager - George Daniel
Assisted By: John Clark, Andrew Daniel,  John Lawrence, Bill Littlechild,
George Charlton, Malcolm Withall, Michael Wonnacott, Rob Painter
Lighting - Bill Crumblehulme, Chas. Painter and Tony Prouse
Spots - Andrew Painter, David Inniss & Sean Crumblehulme
Scenery painted by Fred Stacey
Assisted by Hilary Vivian & Bill Littlechild
Properties - Sylvia Gilbert, Sara Gilbert, Mark Shadrick
Make-up - Cynthia Haynes, Pam Crumblehulme & Mary Littlechild
Wardrobe Mistress - Pam Chevins
Costumes from HATS Wardrobe
Additional costumes made by: Joyce Ball, Pam Chevins, Teresa Chevins, Kath Ford,
Shirley Harris, Dorothy Veale
Wigs - Barbara Harveys
Prompt - Pam Crumblehulme
House Manager - Jack Vanstone
Programme Steward - Alan Bewes
Sweet Kiosk - HATS Social Committee
Postal Publicity - Robert Painter

Photos from The Queen of Hearts

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