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Information for Cinderella (1999)

Cinderella, was a Pantomime directed by Phil Barfett.

By Norman Robbins

Cast, includes (amongst others)

Dandini - Emma Cox
Buttons - Sandra Slee
Cinderella - Amy Painter
Baron Hardupp - Phil Hammans
Baroness Hardupp - Val Tucker
Asphyxia - Ashley Williams
Euthanasia - Crispin King
Ammer - Trevor House
Tongs - Glenn Bewes
Prince Charming - Lesley Crumblehulme
Fairy Godmother - Jane Woodgates
Major Domo - Des Shadrick

Chorus of Villagers, Huntsmen, Fairies, Courtiers etc.
Marion Andrews, Megan Barriball, Emily Bond,
Michelle Carey, Terina Ellacott, Robyn Johns, 
Lia Painter, Miranda Pomeroy, Celia Sanders,
Lucy Seymour, Pat Smith, Catherine Soby,
Jessica Stoate, Charlotte Webdale, Michael Lucas,
Des Shadrick, Stephen Wyatt


Musical Director - Margaret Taylor
Piano - Tracey Cole
Organ - Sheila Ford
Flute/Saxophone - Mary Withall
Drums - Daniel Piper
Choreography - Terina Ellacott
Props - Sue Painter
Assisted by: Peggy Stacey, Victoria Osborne & Stephanie Woodgates
Stage Manager - Malcolm Withall
Assistant Stage Manager - Andrew Painter
Assisted by: Jim Clarke, Brian Withal, Cathy Pegrum, Anthony Evans,
Dominic Blake, Paul Heale, John Clark, Ray Howe, Peter Wonnacott & Gary Sleep
Cinderella's Coach by HATS Workshop
Lighting - Tony Prouse, Chas Painter & Bill Crumblehulme
Spots - Sean Crumblehulme, Sally Innis & Chris Nosworthy
Scenery - Fred Stacey
Assisted by Edwina Stacey, Alison Marshall, Heather Prouse & Sami Evans
Wardrobe Mistress - Wendy Withall
Assisted by Mary Barfett, Sue Bentley, Kate Blackman, Beryl Gammon, Creina Mandry,
Anna Marshall, Jenny Parker, Margaret Salter, Shirley Sleep, Heather Stewart &
Barbara Tremeer
Prompt - Pam Crumblehulme & Mary Osborne
House Manager - Jack Vanstone
Programme Steward - Niki Gilbert
Programme Artwork & Theatre Sign - Anna Marshall, Jenny Parker & Trinette Hindle
Sweet Kiosk - Dee Headdon

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