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Information for Peter Pan (2009)

Peter Pan, was a Pantomime directed by Ray Howe, Malcolm Withall & Lesley Wonnacott. Peter Pan - the classic tale of the little boy who never grew up. The Stage Director is another newcomer to the directors chair. Lesley Wonnacott - famous for many superb roles in pantos and other shows. The Producers are Ray Howe and Malcolm Withall, organising all other aspects of the production.

Cast, includes (amongst others)

Tinker Bell, a fairy Cathy Withall
Peter Pan, principal boy Amy Clarke
Capt Hook, villain! Mike Wonnacott
Smee, a pirate Trevor House
Starkey, a pirate Phil Hammans
Checko, a pirate Denise Moorley
Skylights, a pirate Charles Jeffrey-Hudson
Laughing Water, dame Ian Croxton
Tiger Lily, daughter Emma Cox
Wendy Darling, principal girl Josie Alford
John Darling, child Lauren Hasson
Michael Darling, child Jordan Gerry
Mrs Darling, mother Annette Dennis
Nibs, a lost boy Angela Elswood
Slightly, a lost boy Leigh-Ann Johns
Tootles, a lost boy Gemma Gilbert
Curley, a lost boy Leo Wintercrane / Tashia Draper
Nana, the dog Mary Osborne

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