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Information for Waters of the Moon (2010)

Waters of the Moon, was a Play directed by Eve Earles. WATERS OF THE MOON is a comedy in three Acts by N.C. Hunter - a man
who writes for both the stage and the TV. When shown on TV, this play attracted
such notable performers as Penelope Keith, Virginia McKenna, Joan Simms
and Geoffery Palmer, amongst others.

Directed by Eve Earles.

The dull routine of a modest and rather shabby Private Hotel on Dartmoor
is broken by the arrival of unexpectedly exotic guests.

This play shows the effect of the over-privileged on those who have lost
or never tasted it - and provides a theme that touches the springs of tragedy
as well as comedy.

Cast, includes (amongst others)

    John Daly (son of Hotel Owner): James Woodhams

    Evelyn Daly (daughter of Hotel Owner): Sarah Leach

    Mrs Daly (Hotel Owner): Nikki Bridgman

    Mrs Whyte (tall, spare aristocratic-looking woman): Sarah OConnor

    Mrs Ashworth (decent middle-class woman) Betty Woodhams

    Colonel Selby (man of about 70): Peter Fitzpatrick

    Julius Winterhalter (Austrian - pleasant, weak, sentimental): Richard Stacey

    Helen Lancaster (strong personality...charming): Sue Painter

    Robert Lancaster (quiet capable man): Martin Jordan

    Tonetta Landi (daughter of Helen): Hannah Cook

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