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Information for Cinderella (2011)

Cinderella, was a Play directed by Annette Dennis, Mary Osborne & Heather Prouse. The classic Pantomime, based on an early folk tale of the unhappy young girl, whose father (the Baron) has married a widow (the evil Baroness) with two stepdaughters (the Ugly Sisters - Grizelda & Mona), who try to dominate her. Cinderella is not without support, much loved by young Buttons, mothered by the Fairy Godmother, whose concern for Cinderella is maternal. Then, of course, there is The Prince and his servant Dandini who have their role! The Chamberlain exercises proper control over proceedings.

Cast, includes (amongst others)

Buttons Josh Waters
CinderellaAngela Elswood
Baron Henry HardupCrispin King
The BaronessLesley Wonnacott
Grizelda HardupIan Croxton
Mona HardupPhil Barfett
Prince Charming Hannah Cook
DandiniJo North-Lewis
The Fairy GodmotherJane Woodgates
The Chamberlain Martin Jordan
Chorus Villagers, Courtiers, Servants, Fairies, Guests, Children

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