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Information for Snow White (2012)

Snow White, was a Pantomime directed by Mary Osborne & Heather Prouse.

The 2012 Panto was SNOW WHITE, a Pantomime by Limelight Scripts, directed by Heather Prouse and Mary Osborne, with Mike Wonnaccott as the Musical Director.

Thanks to Chris Hitchings for the Photos.

Cast, includes (amongst others)


Snow White Bethany Lock
Rose Leighann Johns
Prince Valentine Rebecca Rose
The Queen Elizabeth (Biff) Eccott
The King Peter Fitzpatrick
Hanna Angela Elswood
Senna Pod Phil Barfett
Barry Crispin King
Push-Up Jack Shepherd
Hans Charles Jeffery-Hudson
The Mirror Lesley Wonnacott
Neville Ron Lester
Prof Eve Earles
BigMouth Lydia Isaac
Beaky Amy Clark
Dozy Paige Marsden
Drippy Ian Croxton
Merry Betty Woodhams
Titch Tyla Cisneros



Izzy Alford, Lauren Barriball, Brontë Cobbledick, Beccy Corlett, Helena Ford, Laura Prouse

Chorus Louise Anderson, Lucinda Appleby, Lucy Darling, Freya Finch, Imogen Farrow, Katrina Hooper, Wendy Isaac, Beth James, Crispin King, Heather Knight, Callum Lock, Leah Shepherd, Smily Skinner, Cathy Stone, Pat Williams, Marion Wonnacott

Photos from Snow White

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