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Information for Allo Allo (2012)

Allo Allo, was a Play directed by Sarah O'Connor.

This play follows the adventures of René , the hapless café owner in war-torn occupied France, as he and his wife, Edith, struggle to keep for themselves a priceless portrait stolen by the Nazis and kept in a sausage in their cellar. René is hiding two British airmen and is endeavouring, with the help of the Resistance, to repatriate them. However, communications with London through a wireless disguised as a cockatoo add to the many embarrassments he endures in the company of his patrons. Matters come to a head with the news that the Fuhrer is to visit the town and the café becomes filled with tricksters intending to acquire the priceless portrait for themselves. René will need all the wit he can muster to save his café and his life!

Cast, includes (amongst others)


Phil Hammans


Lucinda Appleby


Sarah Leach


Leighann Johns


Colin Burton


Eve Earles



Col Von Strom

Peter Fitzpatrick

Capt Alberto Bertorelli

Tim Rose

Herr Otto Flick

Patrick Lavender


Hannah Cook

Lieut Gruber

Ian Croxton

General Von Schmelling

Peter Whitehead



Officer Crabtree

Martin Jordan

Airmen/German soldier

Malcolm Withall


James Parker