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Information for Babes in the Wood (2015)

Babes in the Wood, was a Pantomime directed by Phil Barfett.

Holsworthy Amateur Theatrical Society (HATS) presents a traditional family panto, suitable for all ages and with plenty of opportunity for audience participation – Oh, yes it does!
This year, HATS' annual panto is Babes in the Wood, written by Stephen Duckham and directed by Phil Barfett.
The hero of the show is gallant Robin Hood, who has to save the orphaned Babes (Jack & Jill) from their wicked Uncle, the Sheriff of Nottingham. The Sheriff plans to murder the Babes for the money left to them by their Father. Robin is ably supported by his band of Merry Men, good fairy Green Willow, and the lovely Maid Marion. The evil Sheriff is encouraged in his wicked ways by the equally horrid witch of Sherwood Forest, Nell Nightshade and his two bumbling henchmen, Floggem and Whippem. No panto would be complete without a dame, in this case, the Babes’ nurse, Jemima Jollop, who manages to fall in love with the Sheriff! Will Robin and his Merry Men halt the Sheriff’s evil schemes? Will the Babes escape the scary skeletons and ghoulish ghosts? Will Robin get the girl and live happily ever after? There’s only one way to find out! 

Here's a sneak preview of what to expect...



NODA Review and Other Comments

HATS donates to Hospice Long House Appeal

Holsworthy Amateur Theatrical Society has donated the takings from all tickets sold on the first night of this year’s panto, Babes in the Wood, to the North Devon Hospice’s Long House Appeal. Phil Barfett, director of the pantomime and Ian Croxton, HATS' Chairman, presented the cheque for £624 to Jenny Richardson, the Community and Events Fundraiser for the North Devon Hospice.

Ian said: “We are delighted to be able to help North Devon Hospice with their fundraising. The Long House will be a great community asset to many people in North Devon, and we are proud that the building will be right here, in Holsworthy.”

Jenny Richardson said: “We have now exceeded our original target of a £75,000 community contribution towards the Long House, thanks to community groups like HATS and individual donations.  We’re also on target to open the Long House in the summer this year.”

The Long House will offer a range of services for people with cancer and their families and is currently under construction in Dobles Lane, Holsworthy, next to the Holsworthy Medical Centre.


NODA Review

Ian Goodenough of NODA came to review Babes in the Wood on closing night, 7th February 2015, and was extremely impressed indeed: 

"The annual pantomime by HATS is always a crowd-pleaser but with this year’s “Babes in the Wood”, the society really seemed to have upped their game...I can't wait for 2016!"

Read his glowing Performance Report here
Well done to all involved.


Cast, includes (amongst others)

Floggem Martin Jordan
Whippem Kay Napier
Sheriff Ian Croxton
Robin Hood (Principal Boy) Kim Whiting
Maid Marion (Principal Girl) Bethany Lock
Jack Shannon Sutton
Jill Brodie Burnett
Nurse Jemima Jollop (Dame) Peter Whitehead
Nell Nightshade Lesley Wonnacott
Green Willow Olivia Byers
Friar Tuck Susan Byers
Will Scarlet Ros Honey
Alan-a-Dale Jess Timbrell
Little John Stuart Napier
Sir Wilfred Crispin King
Stranger Ron Lester


Photos from Babes In The Wood

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