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Information for Noises Off (2015)

Noises Off, was a Play directed by Sarah O'Connor.

‘Noises Off’ by Michael Frayn is a farce about farce, taking the clichés of the genre and shaking them inventively through a series of kaleidoscopic patterns. Never missing a trick it has as its first act a traditional farce; as its second a contemporary variant on the formula; as its third an elaborate undermining of it all.
The play opens with a touring company at their final dress/technical rehearsal as the hours tick away towards opening night of ‘Nothing On’, a conventional farce. We are then taken backstage where you see the angst between the characters while moving on stage to do the performance for the audience, various vicious actions cause the production to start to move into pandemonium! The third act is the final performance in the tour by which time everyone is struggling to get through the night without a great deal of success.
“Mixing mockery and homage, Frayn heaps into this play-within-a-play, an hilarious melee of stock characters and situations. Caricatures – cheery char, outraged wife and squeaky blonde – stampede in and out of doors. Voices rise and trousers fall … a farce that makes you think as well as laugh.”
Sarah O’Connor, Director

NODA Review and Other Comments

✩✩✩✩✩  Now an award-winning production!  ✩✩✩✩✩

We are extremely pleased to announce that HATS has been awarded the NODA South West District 7 Achievement Award for its 2015 production of "Noises Off".

We are also very excited to learn that we have been nominated for the NODA South West Best Comedy Production Award for "Noises Off" - the winner of which will be announced at the NODA Gala Dinner in Bristol on 5th March.

Huge congratulations go to the play's talented producer, Sarah O'Connor, as well as the entire cast, crew, set builders, props, front of house team and everyone else who helped make this production the success it was. Thanks to HATS as a whole for continuing to facilitate such fantastic productions.

NODA Review

"A good deal of hard work had gone into preparing this presentation and everything proved most entertaining." 

Our new NODA Regional Councillor, Nick Lawrence came to review HATS' latest production, Noises Off in September. His report includes some very well-deserved recognition for the set and backstage crews who were crucial to this production, as well as those on stage.

Read his full report here.

Audience Comments

"What a fantastic show. You were all, without exception, brilliant. The play was fast paced, extremely funny, and exceptionally well performed and produced. Fab set, as usual. What a treat. Hope you all manage to keep the energy going for next week! Well done and lovely to see you all again last night." - Jackie & Phil Hammans

"Totally, completely and utterly enjoyed the Show tonight - absolutely brilliant and hilariously funny. Such a lot of work and so many lines ... incredible - well done to all." - Liz Betteridge Cresswell

"We had a great laugh, it was such a tonic. Well done to pull it off - I saw Noises Off twice in London many years ago and knew it would be a hard act to follow but I was pleasantly surprised." - Anon

"My all-time favourite play, I wondered how you would do it and you did not disappoint. We had tears running down our faces." - Anon


Cast, includes (amongst others)





On stage




Evelyn Earles



Dave King



Stuart Davey



Hannah Cook



Peter Whitehead



Sarah Leach



Ron Lester



Martin Jordan



Leighann Johns


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