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Lest We Forget, was a Variety directed by Lesley & Michael Wonnacott. Sorry, we have no further information on this Show.   Perhaps you would like to email your memories? See below

NODA Review and Other Comments

Lest We Forget ~ Holsworthy Amateur Theatrical Society (HATS) – 8th November 2018

Created & Directed by Lesley and Michael Wonnacott

To Commemorate the 100 year Anniversary of the ending of World War I. 

Proceeds go to the Royal British Legion and Help for Heroes. Lottery Funded.

"Lest We Forget is Simply Stunning"

The show was absolutely brilliant from start to finish ~  A Faultless Creation.

Interlaced with local and national tributes, poetry, songs and re-enactments it was gripping throughout.

Men of Holsworthy were honoured through readings and by children placing poppies in the wreath at the front of the stage, saying “We Will Remember You”. A moving tribute to all the men who fought for their country, some not being on the local Memorial, making it extra special to receive an honourable mention in the show.

Readings and tributes were delivered with raw emotion, which was heart-warming.

Pictures of the men and other wartime photographs were shown on a projector at the back of the stage as well as cleverly projected through the auditorium, on the walls for all to see clearly.

Narrator Ken Tyrrell oozed professionalism in his suit complete with poppy and well executed delivery.  

Musical numbers were fantastic and harmonies were beautiful. It was great to see the orchestra pit open with live music and a conductor. There were also some fantastic acapella performances.

Oh It’s A Lovely War was a fabulous ensemble piece with excellent marching choreography.

Bring Them Home was a personal highlight. It was a clever song choice, edited to fit the piece and beautifully delivered, visibly moving the audience to tears.

Being close to the orchestra pit I could see the embellished music sheets with poppies, which was a nice touch. In the foyer there were photographs and memorials and the theatre was decorated outside. These little touches made a huge difference, enveloping the audience into a world of nostalgia.

In 1917 there was an unofficial truce for Christmas Day where both sides raised white flags as a sign of peace. The depiction of this moment was extremely moving. We hear offside German voices resonating through the auditorium followed by them singing Still Nacht, walking towards and onto the stage with white flags raised high. The British soldiers then sing Silent Night and the two sides come together in peace. There were projections of soccer games on Christmas day. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

The beautiful I’m Always Chasing Rainbows song followed.

If You Were The Only Girl in the World was performed wonderfully with men and women coupling up and swaying, looking lovingly into one another’s eyes. Poignant romantic nostalgia emanated throughout.

The sketches were fantastic, one of my favourites being ‘Women’, which detailed women’s roles in the War with humorous undertones. Women were only too aware they were being paid less for doing the men’s jobs and would have to give them up as soon as they returned from war. The suffragettes put their protests on hold to support the men. More women join from the wings to sing Keep the Home Fires Burning at the end of the scene, an excellent display of strength and comradery.

Facts about how the war helped equality for women were very interesting and how it changed the vote, albeit only for women over 30 initially who were allowed the property vote.

The ‘Letters’ scene was emotional. Over 2 billion letters were sent and received during the War. Cast read a few excerpts, some being from their own families.

Interesting and surprising facts featured as well as amusing anecdotes. Photographs of the rather flimsy planes complete with handheld guns and bombs were astounding. The song Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines that followed was well executed with a whistle accompaniment and excellent choreography.

Propaganda posters were full of manipulation and guilt to encourage men to risk their lives and not ’bring shame upon the family name’.

A group sing-along of It’s a Long Way to Tipperary and Pack Up Your Troubles was great fun. The gentleman next to me shared his song sheet, highlighting that the people of Holsworthy and HATS are very friendly and welcoming.

My Dad who is a veteran wanted to see the show and came along on the off chance there was a spare seat. He was well looked after and admitted to the performance, lifting his spirits immensely.    

After a standing ceremony of remembrance where red petals filled the stage, the finale of Lest We Forget was a perfect way to end the show. Angelic voices resonated through the auditorium, from the children involved in the show who were part of local Scouts, Cubs and Beavers clubs. At either side of the stage stood a member of the Holsworthy Royal British Legion proudly and expertly holding their flags high. The line ‘give them the peace in heaven they were denied on earth’ was poignant and all the more powerful delivered by the younger generation filled with such innocence.

Costumes, staging, props, lighting and sound were second to none. A fantastic ensemble effort.

Highly recommend the sold out show and commend the large group effort in bringing it from page to stage. 

HATS are a very talented and dedicated group:

Camilla Joyce ~ former Express & Echo Newspaper Theatre Reviewer  * 5 Stars

Cast, includes (amongst others)

Phil Barfett, Georgina Bridle, Simon Brooking, Tom Chandler-Ross, Nick Cleaver, Hannah Daniel, Rebecca Davis, Annette Dennis, John Dixon, Eve Earles, Christine Forster, Caleb Fowler, Becky Gear, Trevor House, Charles Jeffery-Hudson, Dan Hunt, Wendy Isaac, Heather Knights, Patrick Lavender, Jodie Lawson, Sarah Leach, Ron Lester, Kay Napier, Andrea Nosworthy, Mary Osborne, Sue Painter, Teg Parry-Watson, Diana Sluggett,  Kerry Smith, Alisha Squirrel, Joel Stokes, Ken Tyrrell, Bradley Vile, Peter Whitehead, Lesley Wonnacott, Marion Wonnacott, Michael Wonnacott, Betty Woodhams, Tracey Wosnitzka, Carole Wright.

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