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Information for Dr. Diaculum/Mixed Pickles (1906)

A programme of vocal and instrumental music and two farces, "Dr. Diaculum" by Byam Wyke and "Mixed Pickles" by J.C. Beck.


Part 1:

Pianoforte, Master Cecil Cooper 

Mr Carkeet - Song: "Her Memory Brings Me No Regret."

 Miss E. Dennis - Song: "Little Yellow Bird"

 Mr. Wm. Harris - Song: "Alone On The Raft"

 Mr. England - Song: "We All Walked Into The Shop"

Sketch: Dr. Diaculum by Byam Wyke.

Mr. A. Dyer - Song: "That's Enough"

Miss Payne - Recitation: "The Bishop and the Caterpillar"

Mr. England - Song: "Mr. England" (by kind permission of The Daily Mail)

Messrs. Carkeet & Rees - Duet: "Larboard Watch"

Mr. A. Dyer - Song: "The Diver"

Mr. J. Cousins - Song: "Good Company"

Mr. Carkeet - Song: "Close"

Messrs. Rowland & Harris - Duet: "All's Well"

Mr. Wm. Harris - Song: The King's Own

Miss E. Dennis - Pianoforte solo.


Part 2.

A Screaming Farce entitled "Mixed Pickles" by J.C. Beck

Concluded with a dance.



NODA Review and Other Comments

Proceeds for the debt on the Church Bells and Carillon.

Cast, includes (amongst others)


Dr. Diaculum - Mr. H. England

Joshua (his apprentice) - Mr. John Stone

Mr. Simpson - Mr. R. Bidgood

Policeman xx - Mr. A. Dyer



Sowerby Grumpy (a deaf old growler retired out of tallow etc.) - Mr. H. England

Charles Golightly (a student in love with Clara) - Mr. A. Dyer

Clara Grumpy (a victim of circumstances) - Miss Back

Lucy Allsorts (A domestic servant to Sowerby Grumpy) - Miss E.S. Payne


Pianists - Master Cecil Cooper, Miss E. Dennis

Singers - Mr. Carkeet, Miss E. Dennis, Mr. Wm. Harris, Mr. H. England, Mr. A. Dyer, Miss Payne, Mr. Rees, Mr. J. Cousins, Mr. Rowland.


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