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Information for Blue For A Boy (1960)

Blue For A Boy, was a Musical directed by Mary Kelley. It ran from 30th November to 5th December 1959. 1959 was a golden summer, endless days of summer sunshine, a wonderful autumn, it never rained until late November. Like Bobs Your Uncle it was written by Austin Melford - a farce with music.

The programme for that show was a role call for firms and shops that are sadly no more - Kinvers, Albert Oke, Underwoods, Bluetts, Harry Clegg, Tidball & Beckley, Pengellys Triggers, Pethericks, J.P.Whitlocks, J. Parsons & Sons, Kellaways, Thomas Oke & R. Sillcock & Son.
Music for these shows was supplied by The Holsworthy and District Orchestra under the direction of Arthur Hancock - the role call of members included Barbara Pearson, Colston Isaac, Bill Skinner, George Ley, Gwen Holmes to name but a few.

Cast, includes (amongst others)

Geoff Tucker, all 6 foot plus and weighing in at 13 stone, appeared in a memorable scene dressed in a blue romper suit.
Peter Yelland, who played many leading roles, this time played Dicky Skippett and
Jill Cornish frightened us to death as Emily Bompard.

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