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Information for Mr. Cinders (1961)

Mr. Cinders, was a Musical directed by Mary Kelley. Mr. Cinders opened on 20th February 1961. In this show we broke new ground with a motor bike and sidecar on stage. The cast were well aware that at all times Mary ran a very disciplined show. You were not expected to make a noise backstage, nor go outside the Memorial Hall with your makeup on. In Mr. Cinders you have ugly brothers, not ugly sisters. Now, we believe Dave Walker sneaked outside in the interval for a quick fag. A roosting rook from a great height scored a direct hit on Daves red velvet coat. Complete panic - he was due on - he lived to tell the tale as Mary was unaware of the drama.

Dave has contacted us to correct the outrageous suggestion that I went outside for a fag and got guano on my velvet coat. His view of the incident is that I was forced to go outside having come over faint when the clothes line holding up the blankets dividing the male and female halves of the changing room in the Mem Hall snapped. I was a sensitive lad back then and not used to the sights that were revealed!!!

Whatever the reason, poor David never recovered and instantly retired from the stage at the end of the show.

Photos kindly provided by David Walker.

Cast, includes (amongst others)

Dave Walker was an ugly brother
Des Shadrick was an even uglier brother (according to Dave!)

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