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Information for Cuckoo In The Nest (1965)

Cuckoo In The Nest, was a Play directed by Mary Kelley. This was another Ben Travers classic farce, which ran from December 9th to 12th 1964. Mary Kelley and Geoff Tucker played Mrs. Bone and Major Bone respectively. I use my words carefully here; they did not forget a line or a page but rewrote the first scene. Then to top it all, at the end of this scene the fireplace toppled over, leaving a gaping hole in the scenery, only to reveal a stunning pair of legs belonging to Charlie Cobbledick, one of our backstage crew.
This was the last show produced by Mary Kelley in this period of our societys history. Val was appointed Bank Manager in Plympton. However, the society had put down strong roots and much to Marys delight the productions continued apace.

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