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Information for Dick Whittington (1968)

Dick Whittington, was a Pantomime directed by Mary Kelley. Mary and Val returned from Plympton in the autumn of 1967and in November we began rehearsals for our first pantomime Dick Whittington
tp has established a reputation over the years for the quality of our productions. Dick Whittington, was our first panto production and was well received, though looking back, the costumes and sets were quite basic and the production would look rather a poor relation when compared to productions of the present day. There was, however, one memorable event, that I clearly recall - we all know that the climax of Dick Whittington is the fight to the death between King Rat and Dicks cat Tommy. One night, as the result of a leap from a great height, Tommy received an instant vasectomy. King Rat had to die without a finger being laid on him, whilst poor Tommy staggered off stage clutching his paws.

Cast, includes (amongst others)

King Rat was played by Simon Wiseman, Tommy the cat by Dougie Penhale.

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