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Information for Ladies in Retirement (1971)

Thanks to Chris Medland for providing this information

NODA Review and Other Comments

Cast, includes (amongst others)

Albert Feather: Chris Medland

Photos from Ladies in Retirement

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lir-01-set-design.jpg lir-02-actual-set-by-tony-blood.jpg lir-03-bridget-paine-producer.jpg lir-04-chris-medland-penny-cousins.jpg lir-07-christine-clark.jpg lir-10-menor-piper-bb-freda-whitefield.jpg lir-12.jpg lir-14.jpg lir-15.jpg lir-17.jpg lir-22.jpg lir-23.jpg
lir-05-barbara-blood.jpg lir-06.jpg lir-11.jpg lir-18.jpg lir-19.jpg lir-20.jpg
lir-13.jpg lir-16.jpg
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