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Hansel & Gretel, was a Pantomime directed by Mary Kelley. Hansel & Gretel was our first show in the Bodmin Street Theatre. We opened on Friday 21st January 1972 to a packed house of V.I.Ps. Before the show commenced a fanfare of trumpets greeted tps Chairman, Arthur Whitlock, who introduced Preb. E.P. James, Chairman of Holsworthy Rural District Council and Mrs. Peter Mills, wife of tps President, Sir. Peter Mills, who declared the theatre open. This proved to be a thermal-underwear pantomime, as not all the holes were filled in before we opened. There was a fair old wind blowing backstage; now this may account for Mary Osborne, playing the Good Fairy Bluebird making an entrance with a large grey cardigan wrapped around her shoulders - but whose hand was it that made its stage debut to whisk it off?

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