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Information for Sleeping Beauty (1981)

Sleeping Beauty, was a Pantomime directed by Mary Kelley.


By Wilfred Miller
by arrangement with NODA Ltd.

Cast, includes (amongst others)

Diaphane (a good fairy) - Louise Harris
Satania (a wicked fairy) - Cynthia Smart
Morpheus - Joanna Martin
Princess Catherina - Annette Dennis
Prince Royal the Wake - Pamela Garland
King Herbert of Insomnia - Philip Barfett
Queen Anne - Pamela Crumblehulme
Captain Valiance - Heather Matthews
Lady Isobel - Nicola Bassett
Nurse Nappy - Brian Soby
Tilly Duste - Angela Chevins
Fred Fetlock - Robert Painter
Count De Tergeant - Crispin King
Sir Lion - Sean Crumblehulme
Sir Cumference - Andrew Painter
Penelope (a fickle fillt) David Smith & Andrew Braunton
A Romany Chief - David Mitchell
Rosa - Sandra Stevens

Chorus, Courtiers & Gipsies:
Karen Baker, Tracy Baker, Linda Cobbledick, Teresa Ford, Tania Gent, Tina Snow
Sandra Stevens, Michael Maniglia, David Mitchell, Andrew Braunton, David Smith,
Desmond Shadrick, Bill Crumblehulme

Conductor - Leo Edwards
Piamist - Myrtle Rooke
Organist - Sheila Ford
Percussion - Jim Crumblehulme

Stage Manager - Val Kelley
assisted by George Daniel, George Tucker, Fern Ham, Mike Wood & Howard White
Lighting - Bill Crumblehulme, Chas. Painter, Dave Ford, Paul Martin & Tony Prouse
Scenery painted by Fred Stacey & Les Codd
Properties - Sylvia Gilbert & Dennis Veale
Spinning Wheel kindly loaned by Mrs. Heater
Wardrobe Mistresses - Hazel Woollard & Dorothy Codd
Costumes from HATS Wardrobe
Horse costume from Dauphines of Bristol.
Additional costumes made by Megan White, Kathleen Ford, Pam Chevins, Joyce Ball,
Dorothy Veale, Peggy Liggett, Louie Wyatt, Kathryn Gilbert.
Prompt - Celia Sanders
House Manager - Jack Vanstone
Programme Steward - Sharon Ham
Sweet Kiosk - Shirley Daniel
Publicity - George & Graham Tucker
Rehearsal Pianists - Myrtle Rooke & Mabel Carse
Preliminary Rehearals directed by Annette Dennis & Douglas Beeley

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